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Suzuki Boulevard C 50 Z Limited Edition "US-Model" (2005)
Suzuki Boulevard C 50 Z Limited Edition "US-Model" (2005)

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Hersteller: Suzuki
Baujahr: 2005
Typ ( k.A.
Modell-Code: k.A.
Fzg.-Typ: k.A.
Leistung: k.A.
Hubraum: k.A.
Max. Speed: k.A.
Aufrufe: 1.872
Bike-ID: 1726
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Baujahr 2005
Hersteller Suzuki
Typ ( k.A.
UVP ab Werk k.A.
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Bauart k.A.
Bohrung x Hub k.A.
Hubraum k.A.
Gassteuerung k.A.
Gemischaufbereitung k.A.
Max. Leistung bei Drehzahl k.A.
Max. Drehmoment bei Drehzahl k.A.
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Höchstgeschwindigkeit k.A.
Verbrauch auf 100 km k.A.
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Hinterradantrieb k.A.
Anzahl der Gänge k.A.
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Rahmenart k.A.
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Federweg vorne k.A.
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Reifen vorne k.A.
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Sitzhöhe k.A.
Radstand k.A.
Leergewicht fahrbereit k.A.
Zugelassenes Gesamtgewicht k.A.
Tankinhalt k.A.
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Anti-Blockier-System (ABS) k.A.
Drosselung k.A.
Lieferbare Farben k.A.
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Führerscheinklasse k.A.
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A Limited Edition Classic Cruiser - The Boulevard C50Z. The Boulevard C50 has the soul and the style of a classic cruiser – now in addition to the features you receive on the stylish C50, this limited edition C50Z gives you even more. A new colour scheme - red with flame graphic; studded, leather-grain embossed seats and limited edition speedometer with a white dial. Combine this with V-twin performance that is strong on low-end and mid-range torque and you have a classic cruiser that is not only unique but is fantastic ride as well. The Boulevard C50Z. Talk to your local Suzuki Dealer, make sure you are quick as there are only a small number available and see for yourself.